The Battle of Tunnel Hill

A reenactment of the skirmishes near Tunnel Hill, GA of February 24-25, 1864.

I had a chance to attend the reenactment of the civil war skirmishes that took place February 24-25, 1864 at Tunnel Hill, Georgia. The two-day event (I was there on Saturday) sponsored by the The Tunnel Hill Historical Foundation had a lot going on. The Clisby Austin House, going back to the 1860′s was open for tours. A small crafts fair was open as you entered the venue. I had a home-made cream soda, that I confess, tasted a lot like root beer. The camps were open for browsing. There was a Ladies Tea and a speech by Jefferson Davis himself, culminating in an hour long battle between the Blue & Gray. A Ball was planned for tonight, open to anyone in period dress.

According to Janet Cochran, president of the Tunnel Hill Historical Foundation, “Going to a Civil War re-enactment is really taking a step back in time.” And I believe her. The re-enactors, both soldiers and civilians, spend a lot time, energy and money getting their dress period perfect. One woman made me re-take her picture because she was carrying a modern water bottle when I took it.

The actual battle is entertaining and very NOISY. There were at least 6 or 8 cannon going off during the entire time. If you get a chance to go to one and are interested in history, I recommend you go. I understand that Gettysburg is going to have a major event this year commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.